Parent Navigators explain the procedures and forms for assessments and funding; assists with completing paperwork.

Special Education Advocates empower and educate parents/caregivers to strengthen their own advocacy skills to be able to assist their special needs child(ren).

Building Independence

Behavioural Interventionists implement and record data specific to each child’s behavioural plan created by the child’s Behavioural Consultant, BCBA (Board Certified Behavioural Analyst), Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Pathologist or School District’s Special Needs team.

Education Assistants implement a child’s education plan under the guidance of our Education Coordinator, Distance Education (School District 27), Private, SelfDesign Learning Foundation or another home/Unschool provider chosen by the parent/guardian.

Tutors provide support to students to help with specific subjects. They will help students establish timelines and priorities for completing assignments, help with general homework, and explain a challenging problem in a manner the student can understand.


My 9-year-old son has been struggling with reading and writing since he was young. We were fortunate enough to get him into New Horizons Society and he comes twice a week. Since coming we have seen a huge boost in his confidence and he was able to write out a letter to Santa and READ it back to us, for the first time ever!

We have a 12-year-old daughter decided to homeschool this year, and despite her report cards she had almost zero concept of basic math. New Horizons Society has a tutor working with her once a week and the one-on-one time is exactly what she needed! She has almost fully caught up to grade level in a few short weeks! Amazing staff that really cater to the kids needs!

- Savana Wolstenholme