Meet Our Staff

Here at New Horizons Society for Autism and Special Needs, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder or are special needs. Introducing our staff may give you a better look as to what we do.

  • Executive Assistant – Carmen Vermeulen
  • Operations Manager – Maggie Curiston
  • Client Records – Ashlee Hyde
  • Fundraising Assistant – Roberta Smith
  • Behavioural Consultant Assistant – Candace Seibert
  • Program / Life Skills Coordinator / BI – Mala Gould
  • Office Assistant – Shiloh Setah
  • Homeschool Support / BI – Nick Pitre
  • Parent Support Coordinator / BI / Support Ed Development – Meagan Hiller
  • Summer Camp Counsellors – Brianna Piercey, Jaidyn Parker-Coombes, Sean Sheridan
  • Media Support – Jessilyn O’Neill
  • Media / Marketing – Michael Jacobsen
  • Tutor / Teacher – Grace Lai
  • Program Assistant – Hannah Billow

About Our Staff

Carmen loves reading, arts and crafts, and exploring nature with her dog. Being new to Williams Lake, she is still learning where all the shops, events, hiking trails, and all the other wonderful amenities are in the community. Carmen recently transitioned to administration after six years in the museum industry. While she has a University Certificate in museums, she was heavily involved in the administration of the organizations she worked for. The transition to another non-profit was very natural, and she enjoys the day-to-day work. What Carmen enjoys about working for New Horizons: To Carmen, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a well-crafted letter or implementing improvements to an existing filing system. Doing these things alongside individuals who truly care about and strive to do their best for our clients makes it a pleasure to come to work in the mornings! She enjoys working behind the scenes, making sure that everything is organized, and everyone has what they require in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Maggie’s hobbies are camping, reading and crocheting. Maggie has certifications in Managing Challenging Behaviour, Autism Awareness for Recreation Leader Course, Responsible Adult Certificate, and Early Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence. What Maggie like about working for New Horizons is seeing the kiddos smiling little faces and hearing all the fun things that they do here and enjoy. There is always something new to learn and she is growing my knowledge about Autism and other special needs and how to help children in lots of ways. Her responsibilities at New Horizons is maintaining the Elks Hall and the Office, as well as overseeing all the cleaning and any services we may need.

New Horizons Society has given Candace the opportunity to work with some amazing children. Their energy, curiosity, love of learning, and receptiveness to learning through play make spending time with them the highlight of her day. Watching the children grow in their confidence, knowledge and skills makes her work very rewarding. Candace loves having sessions with the kids! Candace’s interests include cooking, sports, reading and education – all of which transfer well to providing inspiration for activities with the children at New Horizons. Candace’s greatest certification is having raised four children to adulthood – being a parent is her greatest joy. Prior to her work at NHS, she worked as an Education Assistant for 10 years (5 years with Special Education), providing Candace with further experience in learning opportunities and behaviour intervention. Having completed her certification in Behaviour Intervention has taught her useful skills in addressing behaviour challenges, collecting data and encouraging growth in each individual. In addition, Candace continues to take courses and training for a variety of autism and special needs topics. As well as working as a Behaviour Interventionist, she has the role of Behaviour Consultant Assistant, working alongside our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. 

Shiloh loves to read books, watch shows, likes to go for walks while listening to music, and spending time with her kids. Shiloh loves working at New Horizons Society, helping out with the children and learning many new things about Autism and how to help out the children. Shiloh has 2 Behavioural Interventionist workshop certificates and an Autism Awareness for Recreation Leaders Course.

Meagan has been working in the field of Child Development for 10 years now. It is a passion of hers that grows with the more knowledge she continues to gain. Every day at New Horizons is a new reward or challenge to overcome in this field and she wouldn’t change her love for learning and continuing on this road for anything. Her family is everything. She love being outdoors, whether it is fishing, camping, hunting or just finding a new adventure…the sunshine is her favorite! Working at New Horizons has allowed her to continue doing what she loves, supporting clients and families, all while raising her own and she is grateful for the adventures to come.

Jaidyn has been working at New Horizons for about a month. She has been helping set up the summer program that she is very excited to start. She enjoys the work that has been accomplished thus far. Jaidyn’s hobbies are doing arts and crafts, which is one of the reasons she is so excited to start the program. Jaidyn also enjoys spending time outside like hiking and playing games, which are all things included in the summer program. 

New Horizons is by far the greatest workplace Sean has worked at. The staff and managers are very understanding people, each with a heart of pure gold. The time Sean has spent working here has been an amazing experience and he loves being able to interact with kids, seeing a smile on their faces is generously rewarding to say the least. Sean’s hobbies include music, painting and drawing, and gaming. Sean has certificates in first aid, foodsafe and WHMIS.

Jessilyn is the Media Support for New Horizons Society. Jessilyn loves to listen to music, play video games and draw. Willing to grow and learn new skills, Jessilyn takes on the odd jobs New Horizons Society has to offer her. Jessilyn also helps with the children at the Summer Program. New Horizons Society is a well-fitting job for Jessilyn and she loves it here with us!

Michel is a Web Developer that is responsible for New Horizons Society’s Media/Marketing. Working with New Horizons Society has been a fulfilling opportunity for him to use his creative eye and technical expertise while making the world a friendlier place. He spends his free time skateboarding and learning new computer languages.

Hannah has been with New Horizons since the beginning. First as a client and later as an employee. They love to chill with friends and play all sorts of games.  Hannah enjoys everything from various styles of video games to card and board games. At New Horizons, Hannah plans and implements programming. Hannah loves that New Horizons has afforded them the opportunity to not only learn what their strengths are, but to use them in their work. Hannah is always encouraged to grow as an individual and as an employee!